Everyone has a life narrative and at CoreStory, we help you to tell yours in order to understand yourself, to communicate with others and to feel better.  We offer individual and couples psychotherapy, storytelling workshops, therapy groups,  and educational and career coaching.  


In therapy, we work to help people understand and tell their life stories, navigate transitions, and to maintain important relationships.  Conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, we have treated a range of individuals and couples who are professionals in advertising, marketing, writing, software engineering, publishing, teachers, lawyers, accountants, actors and artists.  Whatever brings you to therapy, we aim to help you to work through the obvious contributors, to help identify conflicts or dynamics that may not be as obvious, and to foster sustained wellness moving forward.  

Storytelling Groups and Workshops

In addition to individual and couples therapy, we also offer targeted storytelling groups and group therapy. Groups begin periodically and typically meet weekly. In these groups, people learn techniques for storytelling, share stories together and clarify their own stories through mindful, judgment-free listening. 

Educational Consulting and Career Coaching

Decisions in school, after school and through career changes can be complicated.  We offer educational consulting and career exploration sessions to clarify values and understand motivations.